What is Skin Needling & How Can It Help?

Skin needling is also known by other names such as Dermafrac, Dermapen, dermal needling, micro-needling and collagen induction therapy (CIT). All of these methods involve stimulating collagen production in the skin layers through pricking the skin with tiny needles. You might wonder why anyone would want numerous tiny needles applied to their skin. Well, first of all, it’s painless, and second of all, it delivers amazing results. Skin needling provides benefits such as lessening the appearance of wrinkles, fading away scars, tightening skin, reducing stretch marks and shrinking pore sizes.

How Does Skin Needling Work?

Whichever technique is used for skin needling – be it a pen or a roller device – the effect is similar. By creating pinpricks in the skin layers, small superficial injuries are made to the dermis. The skin reacts by creating new skin tissue that’s naturally rich in collagen. This new tissue is smoother in texture and more even in tone than the old skin. Skin naturally can lose collagen in the process of ageing or due to a deep injury to the skin. Skin needling restores collagen to the skin by creating controlled pin pricks to stimulate a healing response by the body.

Popular Types of Skin Needling

Dermafrac is a type of micro-needling facial. During this procedure, a roller device is used and a serum infusion also takes place. Firstly, a microdermabrasion is carried out to remove dead skin cells and allow serums to absorb better. The micro-needling device then adheres to the skin using a suction motion while serum is fed through the handpiece, distributing the restorative liquid over the skin while the needles are at work. To finish, LED light is used to reduce redness, and further topical products are applied to promote healing. The serum that’s used during the needling process will vary according to the needs of the client.

Dermapen has a similar effect to Dermafrac, except it’s a small pen-like tool which provides multiple tiny punctures to the skin. These small punctures stimulate the skin’s collagen production, which provides all the wonderful results already discussed.
Want to try Skin Needling? We Can Help!

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