Waxing Salon in Sydney


Spa Mosman offers waxing for men and women wanting easy and precise hair removal. Our professional waxing salon in Sydney will soon become your favourite venue for your regular waxing beauty routine. Our clients love the luxurious ambience of our salon, making every visit an opportunity to feel pampered.

Areas We Can Expertly Wax

  • Brows − Get perfectly shaped brows at our waxing salon. You can choose to have them waxed into shape or elect to have a brow wax and tint done for a complete finish.

  • Underarms − Remove unsightly underarm hair and get ready to flaunt those beautifully bare underarms in sleeveless tops and dresses. 

  • Lips − There’s nothing more annoying than hair around the lips. Get your lips kiss-ready with a visit to our waxing salon. 

  • Legs − Enjoy silky smooth legs with waxing. We can do a half leg or full leg wax to suit your preference. You’ll love showing off your legs afterwards!

  • Arms − We’re here to help if you want waxing done on your arms, offering both full or half arm waxing.

  • Pelvic Areas − If you want a bikini body, you might consider getting some waxing done down there. We offer bikini, g string and Brazilian styles of waxing.

Why Choose Spa Mosman?

  • Our Relaxing Atmosphere − Our waxing salon has created a beautiful and peaceful environment where you can close your eyes and relax as you’re pampered by our experienced staff. 

  • Our Range of Beauty Offerings − We offer waxing as well as many other treatments that have your ideal beauty goals in mind. We can assist with everything from eyelash extensions to facials and much more.

  • Our Care and Professionalism − Our beauty technicians take the utmost care when working on your body. They’re professionals who act with great attention to detail for the best beauty results. 

  • Our Years of Experience − All of our beauty specialists are fully trained and qualified beauticians with years of experience working to the highest standards. 

  • Our Exceptional Results − Whenever you visit our spa, you can be sure that we’ll achieve the best beauty outcome for you. You’ll walk out of our salon looking and feeling fabulous.

Make an Appointment for Waxing Today

To book in an appointment for waxing, give Spa Mosman a call on (02) 9969 3994. We’ve got the necessary experience to help you reach your beauty goals.