Top 3 Facials for Rejuvenating Your Skin and Make You Look Younger

Choosing a salon for a facial in Mosman is an important decision to make. Although, there are many salons that offer a wide assortment of services, but when choosing one for your facial, you have to take many things into considerations. Before making a shortlist of these salons, ensure it offers a whole range of services from threading, waxing to skin treatments, massages, and intensive spa treatments. Once you know that it offers facial, it’s much easier to choose a right beauty salon. Whether you are going for a makeup, pedicure, haircut or facial, you should always seek professional services. A leading salon offers different kinds of facials for different skin types.

Here are a few types of facial treatments offered by the salons –

Signature Spa Facial Treatment

When looking for a Facial in Cremorne, one of the most popular is the Signature Spa Facial Treatment at Spa Mosman. This is a relaxing, results-driven, soothing facial. By using signature massage techniques one can eliminate any worries or stresses for the full 60 minute treatment. This facial can be customized to your skin concerns and the therapist provides you this treatment after a precise skin analysis. Some of the popular facials are

  • Hydrating Facial Treatment
  • Purifying Facial Treatment
  • Soothing Facial Treatment
  • Brightening Facial Treatment

Intensive Medi-facial

This facial is for those who are seeking fast results and need to get immediate relief from acne, premature ageing, general skin texture, and pigmentation. It uses a range of paramedical facial peels as well as electrical modalities. This will have proven results for the major skin concerns. For effective results, around 6 sittings of this facial is recommended.

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial Treatment

This facial has three elements that help in achieving dramatic and instant results. In this facial, Oxygen under light pressure helps in the delivery of age defying ingredients to the skin along with the calming and cooling of the skin. Different serums that target diverse skin issues containing a powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fines lines and increase the firmness of the skin.


Indeed, there are many facial treatments out there that provide you with the tools for flawless and younger skin. However, when looking for Facial Neutral Bay, you should consult professionals who can provide the best facial treatments as well as assisting you to de-stress and make your skin glow.

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