From the ancient indian art of using cotton thread to remove unwanted hair, the cotton is doubled and then twisted and run across the skin to remove the hair at the follicle. 

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The Brow Queen is here at Spa Mosman

WOW Brow (Brow Lamination, Henna/Tinting, and Threading)

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a nonintercourse method of getting a full brushed up brow for up to 6-8 weeks, by changing the natural brow hairs, to fill in gaps, increase the thickness of an eyebrow or increase the arch.  

You might ask the Brow Lamination gives you thicker brows. A thicker eyebrow can be achieved by changing or redirecting  the eyebrow hair & setting it in a right place.


WOW Brow is the combination of Brow Lamination, Henna or Tinting, and Threading by our Brow Queen, Fatemeh!

Fatemeh has been overseas improving her skill set with lash extensions and new eyebrow treatments (including Brow Lamination in Sydney). She is very excited to offer Brow Lamination as you know a full natural brow can frame the eye and give your face a youthful appearance.

You can Also get your Brow Lamination done separately.

Don’t be confused with the multitude of brow terms that you will come across, they all refer to the same treatment: Brow Lamination.

Otherwise known as:

  •  Keratin Brows

  •  Brow Lift

  •  Brow Fusion

  •  Keratin Brow Infusion

  •  Brushed Up Brow

Brow Lamination at Spa Mosman has been officially launched on 20th October 2019.

Facial Threading in Sydney

Looking for eyebrow threading? Here at Spa Mosman, we offer facial threading and eyebrow threading that’s second to none, with precise results you won’t believe until you see them for yourself.


Facial threading harks back to traditional Indian techniques of using cotton thread to remove unwanted hair. The cotton thread is doubled and then twisted and run across the skin to remove the hair at the follicle. Eyebrow and facial threading enables precise detail and removes all unwanted hair, including the vellus hair – or fine fluffy fuzz – providing a clean, crisp and defined brow treatment. 

Why Choose Spa Mosman for Facial Threading?


  • Precise Control − With our facial threading, you can be sure you’ll get the best results possible. Threading offers more precise eyebrow shaping control than other treatments like waxing.

  • Gentler on Skin − Facial threading offers a gentler alternative to waxing, which can be useful if you don’t like pain or if you have very sensitive skin. Our beauticians can consult with you to find the best hair removal solution for your complexion. 

  • Relax in the Ambience − When you come to us for eyebrow threading, you know that it will be a relaxing and luxurious experience. You’ll get personalised attention from one of our caring beauty therapists. 

  • Personalised Pampering − Our beauty technicians treat your body with care and act with professionalism at all times. They work to get the best beauty results for you. 

  • A Variety of Beauty Treatments − In addition to threading, we also offer many other beauty treatments that you might need, including eyelash extensions, facials and tanning. 

Book Facial Threading with Spa Mosman Today


For personalised care from a professional beauty therapist, call Spa Mosman on (02) 9969 3994 to make an appointment. We do eyebrow threading and more!

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