Teeth Whitening

At Spa Mosman, we confidently use Pure Smile to achieve whiter and brighter teeth.

If you want brighter whiter teeth and a confident smile, then Spa Mosman can help you achieve your desired look and results.

Spa Mosman has the latest teeth whitening machine and treatments direct from the USA. We have extensive experience and ensure we are at the forefront with technology to deliver a teeth whitening treatment that is quick and effective for our exclusive clients.

The teeth whitening solution we use at Spa Mosman is specially formulated to remove surface and deeper stains on teeth from substances such as tea, coffee and wine. The process is 100% safe and relatively quick, meaning you can get on with your day and share your bright new smile everywhere you go!

Spa Mosman Teeth Whitening Treatment Benefits

  • Latest technology delivers faster and more effective teeth whitening treatments
  • Quick treatments experience less sensitivity and discomfort for teeth
  • Safe Teeth Whitening products ensure your gums and tooth enamel safety. The active agent in our treatment is effective yet gentle on teeth and can even be used on sensitive teeth without pain.
  • Luxurious and very relaxing Spa environment in Mosman
  • Less expensive that you Dentist
  • Superior to Home Whitening − Home whitening products can only take you so far. Our teeth whitening is safe and achieves highly noticeable results.

Sit Back, Relax and Brighten Your Smile Today

When you need teeth whitening, make Spa Mosman your first choice. We’ve got therapists who will wait on your every need, allowing you to relax while your pearly whites are being brightened. Now that’s something to smile about! Call us for an appointment on (02) 9969 3994.

At Spa Mosman by Fatemeh we offer a range of signature and highly awarded beauty treatments While you’re at Spa Mosman getting your teeth whitened, you might want to consider one of our other fabulous beauty treatments such as facials, tanning, waxing or signature eyebrow microblading or eyelash extensions treatments.