Skin Analysis

Are you unsure what treatment is best for your skin and also in what order?

Are you unsure what treatment is best for your skin and also in what order?

Then we recommend you pop in for a 30 minute skin analysis and consultation with our qualified beauty therapists at
our award winning beauty salon – Spa Mosman.

We will discuss your skin concerns and goals, then tailor a skin care solution for you.

If you are a new customer at Spa Mosman for your facial treatment, we highly recommend you to book your skin analysis so we can customize a plan for your skin.

Our AI MoreMe Skin and Complexion Skin Analysis System will analyse and report on:

  • MoreMe skin detection integrates skin scans and treatment solutions.
  • Detection of the most common skin issues:

Skin hydration, spot type detection, fat detection, epidermis thickness, skin colour tone, facial feature positioning, plague tendency, wrinkles, pores, acne, aging skin (through photoaging), blood capillary etc.

  • Simulation of future skin development
  • Simulates skin aging status focusing on sun damage changes in the colour and texture of your skin.
  • Highlights areas of sensitivity and facial redness and capillaries.
  • Facial wrinkles, texture and moisture levels.
  • Maps enlarged pores and blackheads (charming, I know!)
  • Shows pigmentation spots, including a deep level view, not yet appeared on the surface of underlying pigmentation.

Moreme skin scanner offers seven different kinds of skin analysis. These include pigmentation, sensitivity, facial redness & capillaries, enlarged pores & blackheads, and wrinkles and oiliness.

What To Expect From Your Skin Analysis at Spa Mosman?

  • An understanding of what is happening with your skin
  • A diagnosis of any skin concerns
  • A plan for treatments and skincare will help settle your skin, starting with a plan to repair the skin barrier and settle inflammation.