Spa Mosman Is Renowned For An Amazing Signature Facial.

We welcome you to the luxurious and award-winning Spa Mosman Beauty Salon when your skin will be hydrated and rejuvenated with love and care. We offer facials for men and women of all ages and needs including teenagers. The range of facials at Spa Mosman can deep clean, exfoliate and hydrate and we use a variety of masks that will benefit our client’s individual needs. We also have specific anti-ageing facial treatments and specific acne and breakouts treatments for adults and teenagers.

The facials at Spa Mosman are much loved by our clients and they give us glowing reviews and we are forever grateful

At Spa Mosman we carefully select the products we use for our Spa Mosman Signature Facials and we target active ingredients and technology that deliver results and can be carefully customised for the individual skin types of our clients.

At Spa Mosman we carefully select the products we use for our Spa Mosman Signature Facials and we target active ingredients and technology that deliver results and can be carefully customised for the individual skin types of our clients. We treat most skin condition including dull/devitalised skin, sun damage/pigmentation, lines/wrinkles, dehydration and congestion.

On your first visit to Spa Mosman for a facial we will take the time to actively listen to your skin needs and then craft a facial treatment and skin care regime to optimise your skin health and results to keep your looking fabulous and even more beautiful.

Skincare Consultation + Prescription Facial

We recommend a skin consultation and prescription facial is recommended if it is your first visit with us. We will select a skin treatment for you based on your skin concerns and goals. This ensures that the treatment recommended provides you with targeted results. Please note, if you would like us to review your current skincare regime, we recommend taking a photo of homecare products to show us in your appointment.

Discover Our Signature Facials

At Spa Mosman if your skin is feeling dry then our Aspect Hypermoist Facial, is a deeply hydrating facial for men and women with a customised infusion mask to target your skin care concerns.

Our beauty therapists will choose a customised infusion mask to help target your skin care concerns from dehydration, discolouration, sunspots, lightening and clarification, brightening, redness, blemishes, and oil control, and more. We combine the infusion mask with steam to open pores and let the infusion do its work.

Our Aspect Hypermoist facial is suitable for sensitive skin and is an ideal introduction into Aspect’s ‘active’ skin care range. Please ask your Therapist about add-on treatments that may enhance this treatment.
Time Duration: 60 min

The development of the INTRACEUTICALS TREATMENT KNOWN AS THE “OXYGEN FACIAL”, has been a revolution in the professional skincare market over the last few years.

At Spa Mosman we have offered this treatment for the last 6 years and it is a wonderful mix of relaxation and it also delivers dramatic instant results with no down time.

Benefits of Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

  • Clear congested skin,
  • Our unique multi-step process purifies pores.
  • It includes an oxygenating treatment, extractions and an anti-bacterial electrode treatment to clear blackheads, pimples and milia.
  • This treatment calms inflammation
  • Destroys acne-causing bacteria and reduces future breakouts.
  • Mattifies the complexion by reducing oiliness and shine

How long is Oxygen Facial

45 Minutes


You can get combine Oxygen Therapy with a Serum to specifically target facial concerns such as Anti-Ageing or Anti-Wrinkles.

Atoxelene is a natural amino acids serum that instantly firms, lift and plumps your skin for a dramatically reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Targeted skin conditions include:

  • Expressions lines around the eyes and lips and forehead
  • Lines around the nasal holes caused by facial muscle contractions
  • Fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area

At Spa Mosman we love this non-invasive treatment and serum option because it delivers great results and skin hydration.

Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment

At Spa Mosman our Signature Facial is a really relaxing, gentle, deep cleansing and balancing facial, complemented with an active concentrate and treatment mask.

Our relaxation facials utilise our active skincare ranges and will balance and hydrate your skin. All treatments include deep cleansing, exfoliation and mask therapy.

Any tension and stress will melt away with calming massage to your face, shoulders and head.

Breathe deeply, relax completely and let us nurture your skin and soul. You will leave feeling relaxed and glowing.

This is also a great Spa Mosman Gift for your loved ones!

45 mins

Spa Mosman’s Intensive Medi Facial is for those who are looking for fast results.

If you are concerned with premature aging, acne, pigmentation or general skin texture then Medi Facial can provide the visible results your need.

The Intensive Medi Facial uses a range of paramedical facial peels combined with electrical modalities and stimulation to help product penetration and tone skin and muscles.

A one-off Medi Facial will have amazing results, however to achieve an optimum outcome for any major skin concerns, Spa Mosman recommends a course of 6 treatments scheduled over a weekly or fortnightly period.

Your skin therapist will recommend the best option for you after a comprehensive skin consultation has been conducted.

45 minutes

Spa Mosman’s Express Deep Cleanse and Peel Treatment is the perfect facial for the time poor.

Get the results of a professional double cleanse and skin refining MediPeel to ensure glowing skin, all within 30mins.

High Frequency is a popular skincare technique that is used to treat a variety of conditions, including acne management, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and puffy or dark eyes

High Frequency helps acne, congested skin and also mature or ageing skin because it has a tightening effect on the skin and uses a special oxidising cream which kills bacteria yet is gentle enough for hypersensitive skin.

It is also ideal for improving the condition of oily areas such as the T Zone on the face or blemished skin on the back.

Improved skin texture is also another great benefit. Please consult with our qualified team at Spa Mosman to ensure the right products and treatments are tailored to your specific skin concerns and needs.

Skincare regimes start when we are teenagers, and the Spa Mosman Teen Facial is specially designed for younger skin.

This is a deep cleansing facial for younger skin that includes deep cleansing, extraction and special products that simultaneously calm and moisturise the young skin.

For anyone up to the age of 18 the Teenager Facial is another great Spa Mosman Gift Idea for the family.

30 minutes

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