Eyelash Extensions

Award Winning Eyelash Extensions Beauty Salon

Spa Mosman have a passion for Eyelash Extensions and our talented founder Fatemeh won first place in the Australian and New Zealand Lash Championship’s in 2016.

Eyelash extensions are another signature treatment that you will find at Spa Mosman. We use the latest techniques and training to ensure your natural lashes are never compromised. You can rest assured your eyes and lashes will be in the best possible hands, with your natural lash health always our top priority!

Our experienced beauty staff will consult with you prior to your treatment and then custom design your Eyelash Extensions to achieve your desired look. Whether you’d like to feel more feminine and beautiful or you just want to enhance your existing lashes and plus out your eyes – we will customise a lash treatment just for you

Our award-winning staff have years of experience applying a range of eyelash extensions including Russian, Hybrid, classic and we also provide infill eyelash extensions.

All our eyelash extensions treatments include an eyelash shampoo (valued at $20).

This ensures your lashes are squeaky clean prior to your treatment, helping to make your extensions last longer.

Russian Eyelash Extension Treatment

Russian volume eyelash extensions, otherwise known as 3D lashes, are the latest eyelash extensions technique to hit the lash industry.

Technicians create a bouquet of super fine lashes which are fanned and placed on one natural lash to create the fullest set possible.

Fans with 2, 3 or up to 8 lashes can be placed on one natural lash due to their lightness, with minimal strain placed on the natural lash.

The results are beautiful, light, feathery lashes. Russian eyelash extensions can be designed to create dramatic, head-turning lashes or a romantic, feminine look − the choice is yours!

We offer 6D mega volume, 3D – 5D Full Set, 2D – 3D Full Set

Hybrid Eyelash Extension Treatment

Hybrid is a mix of classic and Russian volume lash extensions This treatment is very much customised to our clients specific and desired look.

Classic Eyelash Extension for a Natural Look

If you seek a natural look with lashes then our Classic full set of eyelash extensions scatters extra lashes along the lash line or can focus extra lashes on the outer half of the lash line for a doe eyed look.

It will provide you with fuller, thicker lashes and the lash length is up to you, matching your natural lashes or going longer with length for mor impact.

For keeping lashes always in great looking, infills are required after 2 weeks.

Our classic eyelash extensions come in different lengths, curls, thicknesses and materials, including faux mink.

We often recommend faux mink extensions because they are lighter on the natural lash and still provide a high-end luxurious lash look.

Eyelash Extensions Infill

We can recommend eyelash Infills to maintain your lash extensions. Generally after 2 weeks you can pop back into the salon to infill any lash loss and keep your lashes looking full and fabulous.

For amazing eyelashes make an appointment with Spa Mosman today by calling (02) 9969 3994.