Eyelash Tint

At the award-winning Spa Mosman Beauty Salon, we use Henna to colour eyelashes and eyebrows as well as tint.

Looking for a natural way to enhance your eyelashes and eyebrows? Look no further than Spa Mosman Beauty Salon. Our award-winning salon uses Henna to tint and color eyelashes and eyebrows, providing a long-lasting and glossy result. Henna is a natural alternative to traditional tinting methods and is free of harmful chemicals such as ammonia, lead, or peroxide. Plus, Henna strengthens and nourishes lashes, promoting overall lash health.

At Spa Mosman, we offer a range of luxurious natural shades to perfectly match your individual needs and create lash perfection for every client. Book your appointment today by calling (02) 9969 3994 and say goodbye to traditional mascara and hello to the long-lasting, glossy results of Henna lash and eyebrow treatments.