With so much misinformation, panic and change around the world Spa Mosman is reassuring their guests and customers that all precautions are being taken for their health and safety in-clinic.


We are actively monitoring the World Health Organisation, CDC and Australian Government situation updates to ensure that we follow the latest advice.

The current guidelines are that anyone who has travelled to a high risk country/region, or has come into direct contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the previous 14 days must seek medical advice and isolate themselves.

On top of following this advice ourselves, we kindly ask that our clients do so as well for their own safety, and that of our employees and clients.

If you test positive for COVID-19 and have visited us within the previous month, please advise us asap so that we can take appropriate action. All disclosures will be in strictest confidence.

Spa Mosman Hygiene Practices:

Whilst salon hygiene has always been extremely important to us, I wanted to take this opportunity to update all clients as to what health and safety practices are in place at Spa Mosman.



All eyelash extension tools such as tweezers are properly cleaned after every appointment which involves scrubbing in warm soapy water, followed by soaking in hospital grade disinfectant for the appropriate time, rinsed, dried and wiped with an alcohol swab right before next use.




All Lash Stylists wear approved face masks during every appointment. If you would like to wear a mask during your appointment, please ask and one will be provided free of charge.




All equipment used by our Stylists such as lights, stools etc is cleaned using alcohol wipes after every appointment. (Extra time has been added in between bookings to allow for this)




All staff have been trained to use hand sanitizer regularly, and we have ordered a bulk quantity to ensure we do not run out.


Non of our staff are being sick recently and will make sure to not work as soon as they have the symptoms of Coronavirus.

None of our Staff have returned from holidays recently.

Staff who live with others returning from holidays where travel bans are in place will be seeking medical assessment before returning to the workplace (we do not have any cases).



In addition to wearing protective gloves during each appointment, our Stylists are trained to thoroughly wash their hands immediately prior to commencing your service.




Full length disposable bed roll covers or washed towels (50 degrees washed) are used on every bed and are changed after every client. 




High traffic areas such as front door, reception desk and waiting area are being sanitized frequently throughout the day.


After treating EVERY client, we use hospital grade disinfect spray for treatment room, surfaces, devices, products, benchtops, beds, doorhandles etc…




We will now be asking every client upon arrival to wash their hands or use our hand sanitiser prior to commencing their appointment.




To Our Valued Clients

Please note, in the interest of protecting the health and safety of our staff and other clients if you arrive to your appointment and appear to be sick, we have the right to refuse service.

Whilst some of the measures we have taken may be considered extreme, we hope that you understand that the health and safety of our clients and employees is our top priority.

Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime by phone or email if you have questions, and we look forward to seeing you soon at your next appointment. 





Step-Up! Means we care and we want our guests and customers to feel safe at Spa Mosman and in our hand.



Warmest regards,