4 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Microblading Done

One of our specialties here at Spa Mosman is eyebrow microblading. Our resident expert in microblading, Fatemeh, has won multiple awards for her cosmetic artistry. If you’re looking for information on microblading, she’s the one to ask. So we thought we’d pose a commonly asked question to her for your benefit. We asked Fatemeh “what do potential clients need to know before getting microblading done?” Our microblading oracle replied with these four great tips:

Tip 1 – Microblading Lasts Longer

While tinting or henna brows usually only lasts up to 3 weeks, microblading is different. Fatemeh says “Microblading is semi-permanent, so it will last for around a year, sometimes slightly longer”. The exact results of microblading vary according to your skin type and reaction to the pigments used.

Tip 2 – Skin Types Matter

The kind of skin you have could make quite a difference to the results you experience with microblading. Says Fatemeh: “Drier skin will give a more defined look as the tattoo strokes heal, so avoid making your skin too oily”. If you naturally have oilier skin in the T-Zone area, blotting it with a cotton pad during the day can stop the spread of oil to the eyebrow area. Make sure you also follow the aftercare instructions correctly for the best results.

Tip 3 – Low Iron Could Be a Problem

If you have low iron levels, you will need to take iron supplements for 6 weeks prior to and six weeks after the microblading procedure. Fatemeh explains that this is “due to the ingredients of the pigments we use – they are iron oxide based – so low iron levels in your body mean the pigments won’t be retained in your skin as well”.

Tip 4 – Choose the Right Artist

Fatemeh is our leading artist in microblading, but even she says you should shop around before choosing an artist. “Make sure you look at examples of each artist’s healed microblading work, as that will give you the best indication of their capabilities and results”. Different artists are known for different kinds of eyebrows. For example, do you want messy, dense, natural, light or ombré? Make sure you know what you want and you’ll have an easier time finding it.

For the best in microblading, make an appointment with Fatemeh at Spa Mosman. Call us today on (02) 9969 3994 or book online.